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Wild Horses of Arizona

October 31- November 3, 2024 
Women's Only Trip
Through Women in Wildlife Photography

Physical Demand: Intermediate - several miles of walking over relatively level ground of sand, grass, and gravel. Some river walking may be included which would pose slippery and rocky footing in water no deeper than 12 inches.

Wild mustangs are the living legends of the West. Surrounded by the rugged landscapes of the American Southwest, we will delve into the Tonto National Forest to follow some of the herds that range through the Salt River Basin. This tour coincides with the expected arrival of fall colors in the area, adding layers to the landscape in which these horses live. Our focus will be to capture the daily lives and interactions of these bands, concentrating on early morning and late afternoon when the lighting is best and herds are most active. During the day, we will explore the other photographic possibilities, both in terms of wildlife and landscapes that the area has to offer.

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-Authorized Permittee of Tonto National Forest -

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