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 About the Artist

Hello! I am Alyce (pronounced A-lease) Bender, an outgoing, outdoorsy adventuress who specializes in solo explorations much of the time. A U.S. Air Force veteran, I fell in love with travel while in the service and have not stopped traveling since. My love of photography goes back even further, back to my childhood where I used the camera to explore the natural world around me.

Since separating from the Air Force in 2013, I have passionately pursued photography and travel, building my portfolio, network, and artist resume. During this time I was fortunate enough to have my husband's career take us to Japan, where we lived for over two years. There, I fell head over heels for the culture, nature, and wildlife.  When our time there was up and we had to move on, I left a part of myself in Japan. Each year since leaving I make an annual trip back to Japan for nature photography and to reconnect with the nature and culture.

Our leaving Japan precipitated my decision to make nature photography a full-time profession. My husband was ordered to an overseas location were I was unable join him, thus, I returned to the States and joined the #vanlife culture by buying an RV and hitting the road.  This opened up many photographic opportunities for me as I was on the road for about ten months with just my two dogs. We explored the Southwestern U.S., throughout Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada.

Currently my business is based out of Las Vegas, NV.


In March 2020, I became a Tamron Pro Ambassador for Tamron USA and am honored to have been asked to represent one of the World's leaders in the optical lens industry. In fall of 2021, I became a Nature First Ambassador for the Texas Region; as well as a Partner Photographer for the non-profit group Girls Who Click, a organization dedicated to the support and mentoring of young women into conservation and nature photography careers.


As for my work, my images have been featured in galleries from New York to Las Vegas, Charleston, SC to Portland, OR; and I have received recognition for my artistry on an international level from Japan to the U.K. I have spoken with groups from around the country and taught at national photographic conferences. Both my images and writing have appeared in such publications as Outdoor Photographer, Tamron Magazine, Ranger Rick Magazine, NANPA Expressions, Landscape Photography Magazine, and Wild Planet Photography Magazine. I am also a contributing writer and photographer to the Journal of Wildlife Photography.

Beyond all that though, I really am happiest in the field and am passionate about sharing the unique biodiversity this planet has to offer. My goal is to provide quality photographic experiences and education in order to further connect people with the natural world. I believe the stronger the connection between people and nature, the easier it is to promote environmental awareness and to protect vulnerable species and their habitats. I currently lead photo adventures and workshops through A. Bender Photography LLC, Wildside Nature Tours, and Women in Wildlife Photography .

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