Colors of Caddo:
4-day photography workshop

November 17-20, 2022  

I will be teaching in collaboration with none other than the award winning PNW photographer, Gary Randall, during this 4 day workshop! 

Physical Demand: Easy - short gentle hiking over relatively flat surfaces of grass, rocks, gravel, and/or sand; paddling a canoe with partner; working while seated in a small boat.

Join me as we take our cameras into the world of the bald cypress! This adventure goes beyond the routine fall foliage tours as we embrace the watery channels to capture the tapestry of colors as they highlight the character of Caddo Lake, a unique ecosystem that seems to have been crafted for photographers. Using both chartered boats (three sessions) and canoes under our own power, we choose our own adventures as we float through one of the largest flooded cypress forests in the U.S.! Working extensively at the shoulders of the day, we set out to capture a collection of moody, unique, and strikingly beautiful images of cypress trees as they are decked out in autumn colors and Spanish moss. 

Lodging is included in this photo adventure!

This lake side cabin will allow us to have informal editing sessions, good conversations, and access to parts of the cypress swamp at all times of the day. Here, we can utilize midday shade to work on small scenes, creative techniques, and macro should time and interest allow. 

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