Upcoming Educational Events

This is a list of a mix of webinars and in person speaking events that are open to registrants, hosted by a variety of organizations, where I will be teaching. This will be updated regularly, so please be sure to check back frequently for new events!


In Person: Seminar
Wondering Through the Wilderness

Presented at/by Precision Camera
2438 W Anderson Ln, Austin, TX 78757

September 17, 2022 at 2PM CT

Registration details TBD


In Person: Photo Walk
Capture the Fall Colors
of Guardsman Pass 

Presented by Precision Camera & Tamron USA
305 West 700 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

October 1, 2022 from 5:30-7:30PM MT

$39 - Registration required


In Person: Seminar
Impressionistic Photography

NANPA Nature Photography Summit
Tucson, AZ

May 4-6, 2023 

Registration details TBD

Looking for a guest speaker or workshop instructor?

I love sharing my experience and knowledge with groups across the country!

Course Experience

I like keeping things down to Earth. Never should students feel intimidated, unwelcome, or ignored.  My objective is to keep the atmosphere light and engaging so the students can relax, have fun, and learn. Discussion and questions are always encouraged! Classroom sessions are a mix of discussion, stories, and demonstrations. Workshops are completely focused on the students' learning field skills through direct hands-on application. I will carry a camera for specific demonstration purposes only and do not personally shoot during workshops. My focus is 100% on the students.  


Below are my current offerings. However, if you or your group is looking for something specific, in the realm of nature photography or locations I have traveled to, please let me know and I can create a custom program specifically for your group!

Wondering in Wilderness strip.png

Spending 20+ weeks a year on the road in recent years, Bender will share stories and insights on how nature photography has led her on an ever-growing adventure while providing a deeper connection to the environment and those around her. Along the way, she will provide helpful tips on how to grow your own photography skills in subjects like wildlife, landscape, macro, and creative photography.

Length: 90-120 minutes

TypeKeynote, Inspirational, or Feature Presentation

Audience: All levels

Wondering Through the Wilderness

A Photographic Journey of Self-Discovery and Connection Through the Lens

Impressionistic Photography

Using Creative In-Camera Techniques to Create Artistic Images

Abstract workshop strip.png

In this session, we will explore the world of Impressionistic Photography. Topics covered will include pre-visualizing scenes, selecting camera settings, in-field techniques, and a few tips on post processing these special images.

This will give participants the basic tools to start experimenting on their own in the field to create unique images even in popular shooting locations or with common backyard subjects.

Length: 60-90 minutes or half day workshop with hands-on work

Type: Feature Presentation, Class/Workshop

Audience: Beginner to advanced photographers

Wildlife Photography

Tips and Tricks for Capturing Portfolio Worthy Wildlife Images

wildlife workshop strip.png

In this class, we will delve into wildlife photography. Topics covered will include finding wildlife, dressing for the occasion, in-field techniques, thoughts on composition, suggested gear, and maintaining ethical wildlife photography practices. This will give participants a broad base of understanding for wildlife photography, enabling them to go out into the field and capture images of animals everyone is sure to love!

Length: 90-120 minutes or full day workshop with hands-on work

Type: Feature Presentation, Class/Workshop

Audience: Beginner to Intermediate photographers

The Magic of Macro

Focusing on the Small Things in Life

Macro workshop strip.png

Its not always about the grand landscape or the largest bull moose. Sometimes, we need to slow down and take a look at the beauty all around us in the details. With this class, we will explore the world at our feet, focusing on macro photography. Participants will learn about finding scenes, gear selection, special lighting considerations, choosing an appropriate depth of field, and basic Lightroom post processing techniques for macro images.  

Length: 90-120 minutes or half day workshop with hands-on work

Type: Feature Presentation, Class/Workshop

Audience: Beginner to Advanced photographers

DIY: Plan Your Own Photo Adventure

How to Have a Blast, Save Some Money, and Come Home with Images You Love

Photo Adventure workshop strip.png

Have you ever wanted to go on your own photo adventure but workshops and photo tours don't line up with your schedule? Maybe you want to try something new and travel solo for a change. Whatever the reason, planning your own photography adventure can be a thrill of its own before you ever even slide behind the wheel or step on a plane. In this course we will walk through the the steps you should work through in order to plan the best photography adventure trip for yourself. We will also go over some subjects to keep in mind while on the road, such as safety and traveling with camera gear.

Length: 90-120 minutes or half day classroom workshop

Type: Feature Presentation, Class/Workshop

Audience: Beginner to Advanced photographers

A Glimpse of ... Series: Japan

A Visual Journey Through the Land of the Rising Sun

Japan strip.png

Japan! A far off land filled steeped in traditions and brimming with beauty. In this presentation, part of a growing travel photography based series, we explore Japan through the seasons and areas off the traditional tourist path. Focusing on the nature Japan has to offer, topics such as cherry blossom viewing, winter wildlife adventures, and secret fall foliage locations are discussed. Having lived there for over two years and an annual visitor, I bring first hand knowledge of this often overlooked photography destination.

Length: 90-120 minutes 

Type: Feature Presentation

Audience: All levels