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Faroe Islands:
Birding and Landscape
Photo Adventure

Scout Trip*
June 26-July 3, 2023

Max 3 participants for this trip.

Scout trip defined as a trip specifically meant to scout an area I have not been before or have not been to for this particular subject. In this case, I have been to the Faroes several times but not for birds. This trip is for those looking to keep costs low by going with a group. It is not meant as a traditional tour or workshop. We will all be equals on this, not a teacher/student type dynamic. 

Physical Demand: Intermediate - hiking over rocky, wet, and sloped terrain. Unpredictable weather to include rain, gusty winds, and colder temperatures.

The Faroe Islands are a unique set of islands in the North Atlantic with dramatic cliffs, moody weather, and the summer home to millions of birds. While over 200 different species have been sighted on the islands, we will be focusing our trip on photographing Atlantic Puffins, Northern Gannets, guillemots, razorbills, skuas, fulmar, shags, oystercatchers, various plovers, and many more. 

Local transportation is included as we will share a vehicle as our local guide and photographer James Kelly shows us around his second home of the Faroe Islands. Lodging will be shared accommodations through everyone will, of course, have their own bed. Some meals will be provided in the form of "family style" where breakfast and many dinners will be prepared in house. Lunches will be while we are in the field/on the road and will be out of pocket.

As a scout trip, this is a special offer for those advanced photographers who just want to get out in the field, explore somewhere new, and have a bit of fun. It will be a group of friends traveling together rather than a formal tour or workshop. 

Sound like your type of adventure? Contact me with any other questions and pricing information.

***Participants will be required to sign a non-compete and no disclosure agreement.***

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