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Hello and welcome!

Hikers climbing Dog Mountain, WA, during peak bloom. 2016

Wow, so I finally decided to join the realm of traveling photographers who blog! I am truly excited by the prospect of sharing all my stories and future travel adventures with you, my readers. A bit of explaining to start as to why I have chosen to do this. The idea emerged from a few places, all of which were very valid.

One: I have a ton of information and images I would like to share with you, my viewing public. Much of the information will be helpful to those who want to travel to these same or similar locations and will include details on places to stay, types of gear, and will feature the guides and outfitters I have used (if any).

Two: Many of you have expressed interest and pleasure in hearing the back story of the images I share on Facebook. This gives me a better platform, I believe, to continue to do that and provide more in-depth stories to support various images. This blog will also allow me to share more images with the stories, providing more visual candy for you to enjoy.

Three: The final push that lead me to take this leap was the feedback I received at the Improve Photography Retreat last month. So many of the photographers there really stressed how a blog or newsletter helps keep, not only my work's admirers, but colleagues and friends in the loop as to where and what I am undertaking at present.

Seals with steam rising off them as they sunbath in the surf. Taken of the coast of Maine in 2014.

My aim is to keep you all informed with back stories of images, location information that will be useful if you decide to visit, and tips or tricks to photographing the various areas or wildlife. The target is to have a new article for you to peruse every two weeks. What do you think of that? Too much? Too little?

Let us use this platform to create dialog between you and me. I would love to hear what your thoughts are on the different subjects and locations that will be presented here, as well as any feedback on what you would like to see.

Overall, I just want to say welcome and I hope you enjoy the writing as much as the images!



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